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September 19, 2023


The Honorable Josh Shapiro

Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

516 Main Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA 17120


General Assembly

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Dear Governor Shapiro & Legislators,

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to attend the People’s Hearing on Climate Change to be held at the Capitol in Harrisburg on October 2, 2023. The testimony that will be given by people from across the Commonwealth on the harms inflicted on them by the fossil fuel industry, the work they have done to monitor and document impacts, the climate impacts they have already experienced, and the concerns they have for the future is critically important and more than worthy of your attention and action.


The People’s Hearing is part of this year’s Pennsylvania Climate Convergence. On the last day of the inaugural Convergence in June of 2022, the organizers installed a climate countdown clock in the East Wing of the Capitol. Just over a month later, the time on the clock ticked down below 7 years, indicating the time we have left to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. By the time we testify in October, the clock will have rolled past 6 years to only 5 years remaining.

Climate change is not an abstraction. It is here. And the profound and sometimes deadly impacts of the industrial activities that created the problem and continue to exacerbate it have been experienced by Pennsylvania’s communities for many decades.

The state’s continuing failure to take aggressive action to transition away from fossil fuel consumption and bring an end to its production makes acting right away absolutely necessary. Instead, you are supporting the next generation of fossil fuel development in this state masquerading as an array of climate solutions.

If you had heard the voices of people who have tried to meet with you, have submitted comments to DEP dockets, have testified at DEP public hearings, have written letters to the editor, have brought legal action against the state, have marched and rallied and protested, have risked arrest and, in some cases, have been arrested trying to get you to hear them, our hearing would not be necessary. You would be taking swift, decisive climate action. You would be calling out the industry’s false solutions for what they are and rejecting them. It is clear that ours are not the voices that have captured your attention. That needs to change. And the change starts at the People’s Hearing on October 2. We call on you to be there.

Karen Feridun, Co-founder, Better Path Coalition, on behalf of undersigned

Organizational Signers

Judy Wicks, Founder, All Together Now PA

Karen Feridun, Founder, Berks Gas Truth

Paul Fedore, Field Program Coordinator, Center for Coalfield Justice

Jennifer Engle, Member, Climate Reality- Central PA Chapter

Anita Erdos Forrester, Chair, Climate Reality Project - Lehigh Valley Chapter

Sandy Field, Chair, Climate Reality Project: Susquehanna Valley PA Chapter

Barbara Brandom, Steering Committee Member, Concerned Healthcare Professionals of Pennsylvania

B. Arrindell, Director, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper, Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Megan McDonough, Pennsylvania Director, Food & Water Watch

Richard Cole , Cofounder, Foundation for Climate Restoration

Maya K. van Rossum, Founder, Green Amendments For The Generations

Pat Lupo, OSB, Environmental Program Director, Inner City Neighborhood Art House

Kevin Long, Pastor, Intertwined faith community

Ann Pinca, President, Lebanon Pipeline Awareness

Stacey Magda, Managing Organizer, Mountain Watershed Association

Ashley Funk, Executive Director, Mountain Watershed Association

Tamela Trussell, Founder/Educator, Move Past Plastic (MPP)

Barbara Hoffman, State Policy Advocate, Pennsylvania, National Council of Jewish Women

Anita Erdos Forrester, Faculty Advisor, NCC Climate Action Network

Jay Notartomaso, Founder, NEPA Green Coalition

Rosemary Wessel, Program Manager, No Fracked Gas in Mass

Edith Abeyta , N/a, North Braddock Residents For Our Future

Craig Stevens, Founder, Patriots From The Oil & Gas Shales

Michael Bagdes-Canning, Coordinating Team Member, Pennsylvania Action on Climate

Katie Ruth, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light

Tonyehn Verkitus, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania

Cathy Kristofferson, Co-founder, Pipe Line Awareness Network for the Northeast (PLAN-NE)

Gillian Graber, Executive Director, Protect PT (Penn-Trafford)

Linda Christman, President, Save Carbon County

Barr, Co-founder, Save Our Streams PA

Liz Evans, Co-Facilitator, Third Act Pennsylvania

Heather Hulton VanTassel, Executive Director, Three Rivers Waterkeeper

Elowyn Corby, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Vote Solar

Chris DiGiulio, Co-Founder, WaSEPA


And more than 3,600 individual signers of the letter or petition.

Ann Dixon Philadelphia

B. Arrindell Beach Lake

Barbara Bondurant La Verne

Barbara Laxon Bradford

Barbara Sorgeler Millsboro 

Caleb Merendino HLW

Casey Warrington

Cynthia Hautzinger Prairie View 

Dayna Evans Philadelphia

Deborah Dawson Folsom

Diane Rusch McMurray

dk weamer Kansas City

Elizabeth Warner Equinunk

Erik Pressler Hollidaysburg, Blair Co.

Felecia Bute Pittsburgh

Henry Rose Dalton

James Threatte Warrington

Jane Dilley West G

Jane Popko Palmyra

Jenny Boyle Lock Haven

Josephine Gingerich Stroudsburg

Karen Elias Lock Haven

Karen Peterson Northbrook

Kathleen Krebs Pittsburgh

Katie Muth Spring City

Kelly Cusson Pittsfield, MA

Kimberly Pettit Moab

Kyle Rolnick Lorane

Lisa Johnson Pittsburgh

Lon Diffenderfer Selinsgrove

Marci Henzi Pittsburgh

Maria Gassino

Martha Evans Buena Vista

Merry Jones Philadelphia 

Michael Sauers Bloomsburg

Michele Marantz Dalton, Massachusetts

Paul Gomen Ambler

Perry Kendall Wyndmoor

Ravindra Agarwal Gaithersburg 

Raymond Kemble Dimock

Rebecca Wills Hummelstown, PA

Rob Dun Scott's Valley 

Ryan Rauch Bridgeville

Tammy Harkness Barto

Tony Tsang  Brooklyn

MoveOn Petition Signatures

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