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This October advocates, activists, and concerned residents will converge on Harrisburg to tell our governor, lawmakers, and regulators that they are having the wrong conversation on climate and need to change their stance. 


Our government is keeping Pennsylvania from being part of the solution to our biggest crisis by: 

  • denying climate change

  • promoting and subsidizing false climate solutions

  • subsidizing fossil fuel production

  • ignoring hazards to communities from fossil fuel production

  • prioritizing jobs in a dying industry rather than training for a new generation of jobs in clean, renewable energy

  • talking about cutting greenhouse gas emissions while ramping up fracked-gas extraction, production and pipelines. 


The right conversation is happening in the public square, in the streets. Join us there for two days of art, education, and action! 


Sunday, October 1 - Festival of art, music, theatre, talks, tabling and more!

Monday, October 2 - People's Testimony at the Capitol, agencies, commissions.

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