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The People's Hearing on Climate Change

October 2, 2023, East Capitol Rotunda

Names and Links Still Being Added:

Lily Allman

Valerie Webb-Allman


Barbara Arindell

Michael Bagdes-Canning

Laurie Barr


Janice Blanock

Lois Bower-Bjornson


Barbara W. Brandom, M.D.

Cliff Cole

Richard Cole

Maren Cooke


Elowyn Corby

Peytan Diffenbaugh

Karen Elias

Ms. Paulette Foster

Sharmaine Gamble

Gillian Graber

Ellen Harrison

Rick Heinze, Center for Coalfield Justice

Maggie Henry

Ray Kemble

Frank Kirkwood

Fred Kraybill

LaSaine (Sandy) Latimore

Siri Lawson

Karen Lyons


Stacey Magda

Zulene Mayfield

Melanie Meade

Tammy Murphy


Nickole Nesby

Glenn Olcerst, General Counsel Rail Pollution Protection Pittsburgh (RP3)

Melissa Ostroff, Earthworks

Tom Pike

Raina Rippel

Katie Ruth

Liam Sacino

Michael Sauers

Catie Seidl

Victoria Switzer

Tamela Trussell

Stephanie Ulmer


Connor Young

Eireann Young


David Zeballos

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